Soup     4.70 (v)

garlic bread     4.00 (v)

Mixed olives     4.50 (v)

WARM Breadwith balsamic vinegar and olive oil     3.00 (v)

Pizza Mozzarella and garlic     4.90 (v)

pizza Marinara – tomato, basil and garlic     4.70 (v)

Chicken Liver Pate with walnuts, salad and whisky marmalade     5.90

King Scallopand crayfish thermidor with char-grilled ciabatta bread     8.00

CHORIZO & Tiger prawns in red wine, garlic and paprika sauce     8.00

Mushrooms in cream and garlic sauce     5.50 (v)

Breaded Brie with caramelised red onions and rocket      5.80 (v)

Whitebait flash-fried with caper berry and lemon dip     6.50

Mixed Antipasto – cured meats, cheese, pickles and olives     7.50



Our pizza dough is homemade, with a base of tomato sauce and mozzarella, unless stated

Margherita     8.50 (v)

Anchovies – capers and olives     9.50 (v)

Kiev (folded**) – ham, chicken, double cheese, garlic butter topped with tomato ragu     11.00

American Hot – salami and fresh chillies     9.60

Spinach and Egg red onions, mixed peppers and garlic     9.70 (v)

Meat Feast bolognese, chicken, ham, salami and cheddar     10.80

CHORIZO – mixed peppers, red onions and garlic     10.50

KING Prawns sliced tomatoes, garlic and fresh chillies     14.00

** Minimum cooking time for folded pizzas is 30 minutes.    Extra pizza toppings – £1.50



Mixed Mushroom risottowith white truffle oil      12.50 (v)

Chickpea and Feta Burger with chips and mild piri-piri sauce     11.00 (v)

The above dishes are served with salad



Fish Stew Hake, King Prawns and Seabass with garlic, white wine and tomato     16.50

Seabasswith mango, lime and chilli salsa     14.50

Salmon with watercress sauce     14.00

HAKE with spinach, lemon and caper berry sauce     14.50

Seared King Scallops with crayfish and parmesan risotto     16.50

All the above fish dishes are served with vegetables or salad



Sirloin steak with homemade chips (Choice of whisky glaze or peppercorn sauce)     16.60

Char-grilled chicken fillet (Choice of tomato with olives or mild piri-piri sauce)     14.00

Lamb Shank with rosemary sauce and mint gremolata     16.50

All the above meat dishes are served with vegetables or salad



Lobster ravioli with tomato and velouté sauce     12.50

Beef lasagne** baked with mozzarella and tomato     9.50

** Minimum cooking is 30 minutes.


King Prawns with garlic, parsley and olive oil in a velouté sauce     14.00

chickenwith mushrooms, spinach, roast red chillies and tomato sauce     9.50


DuCK and TOULOUSE SAUSAGE with balsamic red onions     10.00

Salami with chillies and tomato ragu     9.00

baked Pasta with salami, chicken, ham and double cheese     9.80


Side Dishes

Homemade chips – 3.00        Mixed salad – 2.50        Sauté garlic spinach – 3.50

Sauté mushrooms with garlic and parsley – 3.50

Rocket salad with a balsamic glaze and white truffle oil – 3.50

Dishes marked (v) are suitable for those on a vegetarian diet. Other diets can be catered for on request.

Please note that some of our dishes may contain nuts. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Dec 17

For information on key allergens please ask to see our allergens document

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