SOUP       £4.70 v

GARLIC BREAD       £3.00 v

MIXED OLIVES       £4.50 vg

WARM BREAD with balsamic vinegar and olive oil       £3.00 vg

PIZZA MOZZARELLA and garlic      £5.00 v

PIZZA MARINARA with tomato, basil and garlic      £4.80 vg

CHICKEN LIVER PATE with walnuts, salad and whisky marmalade       £6.00

Breaded King PRAWNS with sweet chilli dip       £6.50

MUSHROOMS in cream and garlic sauce       £5.50 v

GRILLED GOATS CHEESE salad with apple and sage dressing       £5.80 v

WHITEBAIT flash-fried with caper berry and lemon dip       £6.50

MIXED ANTIPASTO – cured meats, cheese, pickles and olives       £7.50


VEGAN PIZZA – spinach, mushrooms, garlic, roast tomatoes and olives       £9.00 vg

MARGHERITA – tomato and mozzarella cheese       £8.50 v

HAM AND MUSHROOM – red onions and garlic       £10.00

AMERICAN HOT – salami and fresh chillies       £9.80

GOATS CHEESE – caramelised red onions and rocket       £9.80 v

PROSCUITTO HAM – rocket and balsamic glaze       £10.50

MEAT FEAST – bolognese, chicken, ham, salami and cheddar       £11.00

CHORIZO – mixed peppers, red onions and garlic       £10.00

Extra pizza toppings – salami, ham, chicken, mushrooms, olives, peppers, bolognese all at £1.50 each


MIXED MUSHROOM RISOTTO with truffle oil       £11.00 v*

Baked Smoked Haddock & Pea Risotto – topped with an egg        £13.50

SEABASS with red pepper sauce and crispy prosciutto       £15.00

SALMON FILLET with tarragon cream sauce       £14.00

SIRLOIN STEAK with thick-cut chips 
(Choice of whisky glaze  or  peppercorn sauce)       £16.60

(Choice of tomato with olives  or  orange and Dijon mustard sauce)       £13.50

LAMB SHANK with rosemary sauce and mint gremolata        £16.50

All the above main dishes are served with vegetables or salad


BEEF LASAGNE baked with mozzarella and tomato (Minimum cooking is 30 minutes)     £9.50

KING PRAWNS Linguini with garlic, parsley and olive oil in a velouté sauce       £14.50

Linguini with CHAR-GRILLED COURGETTES spinach, roast red chillies and tomatoes      £9.00 vg

BAKED Fusilli PASTA with salami, chicken, ham and double cheese       £10.00

Side Dishes

Homemade chips – £3.00        Mixed salad – £2.50        Sauté garlic spinach – £3.50

Sauté mushrooms with garlic and parsley – £3.50

= Vegetarian      v*= Contains Parmesan      vg= Vegan

Please note that some of our dishes may contain nuts. All prices are inclusive of VAT.  January 20

For information on key allergens please ask to see our allergens document


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